New pest of garlic, leeks onions found in PA

Breaking news from Jerry Brust, UME IPM Vegetable Specialist:
“Hello Everyone…another new pest–the Allium (or onion) leafminer has been found in Pennsylvania. It seems to be worse in organic systems and in home gardens, but it is something we should watch for over the summer and fall. It seems to like leeks the best, but will infest any allium spp. Its population appears to build through the spring and summer and can become quite high on some farms that do not spray any insecticides.
Link to a full IPM report with photos from Penn State Extension: 
The report is for commercial growers (organic and conventional). Home gardeners in MD should focus on scouting for this pest and reporting any finds to HGIC. Covering early spring  alliums with floating row covers will help exclude the allium leafminer and other pests, such as onion maggot.

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  1. Oh great. I've got all my leeks in the ground now — some under row cover that I put in when I got the plants from Dixondale (earlier than anticipated — about 4 weeks ago) and some that I had, contrary to instructions, potted, then put in the ground without row cover last weekend. I've had the occasional problem with what I assume are leaf miners in leeks, but nothing drastic — and managed to pull the last of last year's leeks for soup two weeks ago when I was opening up that bed in prep for beans and lettuce when the weather turns a little warmer (sometime in July??).

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