Fishing Line Fence Revisited

Sad to say, my fishing line deer fence  (7/1/10 and 3/14/14 posts) failed last July after 5 years of reliable service denying deer entrance to my food garden. Once the first few got in there seemed to be a continuous nightly assault in spite of efforts to patch the breaks with more fishing line.

Broken fishing line

Why did deer finally break through the fishing? I have not been able to identify and interview the culprits. We have more deer than ever in my area so there’s a greater chance of deer running into and breaking the fence, and then walking into the garden. Perhaps the near invisibility of the fishing line worked against me. I was hoping the deer would spook if they walked into the fence. Hanging brightly colored streamers may have kept them away from the fence.

I appreciated the low cost of the fence and it did keep deer out for five years. However, I had to make repairs 2-3 times a year where friction, the elements, and maybe even deer, caused breakages. I went down this road to avoid buying and hanging the ubiquitous black polypropylene deer netting. And that’s exactly what I’ll be doing this week!

Deer netting
Garden gate with bamboo poles attached to the front

2 Comments on “Fishing Line Fence Revisited

  1. Deer are tough, Jon! And they are very much creatures of habit. Once they find a way in, they keep at it. I also think they give each other browsing tips. Good luck with the new fencing.


  2. That's bad news about your fishing line fence Jon! I reinforced mine with nylon twine to make ti more visible (and a little stronger). I hope it continues to hold because deer fencing is not allowed at our community garden!


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