2016 Gardening Resolutions

It is cold outside! That means, we, gardeners, finally get to spend some time indoors and think about the upcoming growing season. New seeds catalog, enticing us with even better than seeds than ever before, arrive in the mail almost daily.

The trick is of course to find the seeds that I want at the smallest number of companies: those shipping and handling cost tend to add up quickly. Apart from the usual suspects (tomatoes, peppers, beans, squash, sweet potatoes, lettuce, greens, etc), I want to try my hand at some vegetables and herbs that I have never grown before: lentils, chickpeas, peanuts, sesame seeds and nigella (sometimes called black cumin). It is going to be interesting just finding sources for these seeds.

The cold weather also gives us some time to reflect. What did not work so well last year? What would I like to do differently? In other words, what are my gardening resolutions for 2016? There is of course the usually, yearly list:

  • Stay on top of the weeds more
  • Do a better job pruning
  • Mulch the flower beds BEFORE they are in full bloom
  • Plant everything that I buy before next winter (or better yet, don’t buy any new plants until I have planted what is currently residing in my garage)
  • Carve out some time to actually enjoy the garden

I could go on and on. However, what I would really like to accomplish is to keep better records! I always start enthusiastically in March/April, but once the growing season is in full swing, I simply forget to make any notes. Then of course, a year later, I am wondering what I did and why it didn’t work. If only I had notes to refer back to.

I’d like to think this is an attainable goal for 2016. What are your Gardening Resolutions?

5 Comments on “2016 Gardening Resolutions

  1. Thanks Sabine! I have the same resolution about records as you – every year. Maybe I'll finally manage it.

  2. According to my garden journal, I have lots of things growing in my yard in April and May, and then …. nothing. One thing I would really like to do, is to write down when veggies should reach maturity based on when I plant them. Maybe that will take the guess work out of harvesting things like sweet potatoes. Perhaps it will also finally shed a light on why my Brussels Sprouts never seem to be ready on time.

  3. Just thought of one more thing: Will this be the year that I finally come up with a good trellis system and/or better support for my tomatoes? I just can't decide between permanent trellises in my garden beds or tomato cages made out of concrete wire mesh. Each has its advantages and disadvantages.

  4. This is the year to go vertical for my community garden plots. Beans, peas, small melons and cucumbers. New notebook, should mean more notes on what works. Going for broke and trying Okra this year. Never grew it before, but there is a first for everything gardening under the sun.

  5. I like it all! Like I said, I really need to work on a support system, not just for my tomatoes. Whenever I do manage to get some sort of trellis going, it is never tall enough.
    I have never grown okra either. I would like to, but first I will have to find more space.

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