I’m glad summer is over

Boy, I sure am glad we are finished with summer.  Now maybe we can start making up the 6 inches of rain which we missed in August and September.

Like almost everyone I know, my tomatoes suffered from early blight  and Septoria leaf spot..

My harvest was modest at best and I did can some spaghetti sauce.

Fall crops have been planted (first week of August) and the cabbage. broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower and kale are doing wonderfully.

The plants are so large, I had to remove the 7 foot row cover.  So now I’m spraying with BT for the cabbage worms.  I also have some harlequin bugs, which I am hand picking twice a day.  Broccoli and cauliflower should be ready in mid October.  At that time, I’ll side dress the broccoli with a quarter cup of 10-10-10 per 10 foot row as recommended in the HGIC vegetable profiles  Cabbage and Brussels Sprout should be ready in November.

Also planted lots of lettuce, pak choi, kohlrabi, radishes, collards, tatsoi and spinach.  With the hot dry weather, I had trouble getting it to germinate, even with my drip irrigation.  But they are up and should provide some variety for my table

One Comment on “I’m glad summer is over

  1. Well hello Kent, I have to disagree with you: I love summer and warm temperatures. Fall always comes to early for me. However, I do like greens and anything in the cabbage family and they taste so much better once the weather turns cooler. I am very, very impressed with the size of your cabbage crops. I started my in June and planted them out in July (except for the kale). I can tell you, mine do not look even close to yours. In fact, I was thinking I may even need to start earlier. Clearly I am doing something wrong.
    My kale is miserable. I always direct sow it and this year it either failed to germinate (I think the seed was too old) or it got chomped down to the ground immediately despite the insect netting. Army worms simply crawled right underneath it and had themselves a little feast!

    BTW, my tomatoes weren't great either (see two posts below this one).


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