Links round-up!

I know we all have lots of work to do in the garden still, and it doesn’t feel like fall yet, but kids are going back to school and that makes me think of hitting the books, or at least the interesting online articles. If you feel the same, here is some reading. (I’ve been collecting these links for a while, so some of them are quite venerable in online terms.)

Tomato season is almost over, but if you want to think about tomatoes over the winter here are some things to read:

Margaret Roach telling us 16 things she knows about growing tomatoes.

Pam Dawling on heights of different tomato varieties.

Smithsonian article on Solanum pimpinellifolium, the wild ancestor of today’s tomatoes.

In a related vein, if somewhat satirical, the New World Diet. I enjoyed this because I like to know where plants came from, and I spent the whole time my husband was trying out the Paleo diet complaining about the geographic inconsistencies.

This is an old link but something you might have been wondering about when cooking your peppers: what are those funny mini-pepper things you sometimes find inside?

And while we’re on peppers, if you’ve seen that “male peppers have three bumps and females four” item on social media, it’s false.

Vines in permaculture, from the Clifton Park Food Forest.

Japanese beetle enemies, from Paula Shrewsbury of UMD Extension.

Indigenous greens of Africa.

An underground urban farm in a WWII-era London air-raid shelter.

Article on the onion family, from one of my favorite food history/art blogs.

And a funny little piece from Garden Rant on the intersection of vegetable gardening and Japanese anime – just click on it.

Well, that was random. I will start collecting more links now and be back to you in a few months, maybe…

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