Garden update

About four weeks ago I posted about planting one bed (70 feet long by 4 feet wide) in my garden. The front half was was planted in tatsoi, arugula, radishes, turnips, two types of bok choi, cabbage, lettuce and broccoli.and covered with row cover.  The back half of the bed was planted in sugar snap peas and fava beans that were pre-sprouted to assist with germination in the cold soil.

Well, the results have been spectacular, except for the peas which germinated sporadically.  All the transplants survived and the arugula, radishes and turnips have germinated. The transplants are showing good growth and I have been eating stirred fried bok choi several times a week.

The peas and favas are several inches tall and yesterday, I put up my pea fence.

Last week, I planted about 200 onion transplants, a third of those a red variety called Red Zeppelin and the other two-thirds a variety called Copra.  The onion transplants are planted about 4 inches apart and some will be pulled for green onions during the spring to provide more spacing for larger onions.  I will side dress the plants later as they start to bulb.  Information on onions along with other vegetables can be found on the GIEI plant profiles. Both Copra and Red Zeppelin are long day varieties which start bulbing when day length reaches 15 to 16 hours.  Copra is a good storing variety and Red Zeppelin are great for fresh eating.

I also planted 50 feet of one of my beds with two rows of potatoes.  The varieties are Carola, Banana and Austrian Crescent. Looking forward to trying the fingerlings in potato salad this summer.

Last year’s kale is still providing fresh greens, although it will probably go to flower pretty soon.  The late planted (late October) spinach is doing wonderfully and my favorite spring salad.

Garlic, planted last October is also doing well and should be fertilized now.  See vegetable profiles garlic.

So, you are probably wondering where all of these vegetables go, well most of my family just comes over and helps themselves.  Anything left over goes to my local crisis center, Grassroots.

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