Links post!

Links for your reading in case it does rain more this week. We are very glad to see Saturday’s forecast turning sunny.

First, for the do-it-yourselfers: 13 Greenhouse Plans (or at least links to same), and (slightly less seasonally appropriate than when I bookmarked it) how to make holiday rope lighting into a DIY heat mat for seed-starting.

To remind us and get the bad news out of the way, here is a good summary of the basil downy mildew situation. It seems like giving the plants plenty of air space is the best way to go, and containers may be a good way to do this.

In the unusual veggies vein, here are articles and posts about skirret, American groundnut or potato bean, salad burnet, and Jewels of Opar.

Article about how much imperfect produce we throw away. Eat the ugly carrot!

The Smithsonian’s Burpee catalog collection. Back to 1873!

How kale acquired a marketing strategy and became cool.

And finally, Nebraska Wedding, a “found” poem based on words from the Seed Savers Exchange catalog.


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