Grow100 2015 begins!

And we’re back for another year of 100 square-foot gardens!

Enter the 2015 Grow It Eat It challenge and show us “What Can YOU Grow in 100 Square Feet?”
Keep it small: The growing space cannot exceed 100 square feet (but may be less). Examples:
  • one bed that is 4’x25’ or 10’x10’
  • three 4’x8’ beds and a 2’ diameter pot
  • Containers, salad boxes, or salad tables are all ok.
  • The 100 square feet may be your entire garden or just a small part of it. 
OPEN to all gardeners – city, suburban, country; experienced and first-time gardeners; backyard, community, or school garden. AND you don’t have to be a Maryland resident. We have lots of examples and resources to help you. Use your imagination- the sky’s the limit. 
During the growing season, tweet about your garden to the GIEI twitter, orHGIC/GIEI Instagram(link is external) and include the hashtag #grow100. Post your progress on the GIEI Facebook page wall!  We want to hear about and see your garden!
Take notes about your process, plan, and challenges during the season, and take photos!  At the end of the season, we will want you to send in a short synopsis of your garden and how your growing season went, plus up to 10 photos.
Just for fun – Unlike last year, this year’s Grow100 is not a contest.  We just want to create some conversation about gardening and inspire people!  Participating has been simplified:
  1. (Optional) Sign up for our Grow100 email list.  We will periodically send out Grow100 info and ideas, plus reminders to send in your entry.
  2. ONE entry at the end of your growing season.  The submission form will be open from August 1st through October 15th.  You can submit at any time – whenever your garden is done and you have compiled your photos and summary. We’ll give you instructions on how to submit – watch the blog or your email for details.
We will update the GIEI blog(link is external)Grow100 email list, and our social media with Grow100 tips, and highlight exceptional garden submissions.
As a suggestion, pick a goal for your garden:
  • 4-Rs Garden – Use techniques to reduce waste, energy, and water use; re-use materials; recycle nutrients; and re-think conventional gardens.
  • Maximum Production – we’re looking for a garden with an impressively abundant harvest. The amount of food, crop diversity, and length of harvest are all factors that will impress us.
  • Or, a combination of the above, and/or your own particular goals.
Need some tools or help planning your garden strategy?  See our Resources page full of book suggestions, garden planning software, and tips.
Check out all the previous posts about Grow100(link is external) on the GIEI Blog.

4 Comments on “Grow100 2015 begins!

  1. I am really glad it is just for fun this year. I did not like the competitive aspect last year. I was thinking of skipping it this year, but since it is just for fun, I will try to contribute to the community.


  2. Nice. It was fun last year and the “challenge” was for myself anyway. Because of your challenge I gained new skills and have begun offering a Small Veggie Garden class in addition to my Square Foot Gardening class. So, thank you!


  3. Cool! My goal will be to just keep my garden going all season. This means not neglecting my garden when it gets too hot and buggy to go outside and also trying to keep things growing as far into the winter as possible.


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