Cabbage for St. Patrick’s Day

Well, I’m not harvesting it (or eating it, unless I get some shopping in before dinner), but I am going to show off my lovely seedlings:

which are out in the cold frame enjoying the sunshine and battening down for a chilly night. I am growing (all may not be in this photo) Red Acre, Early Jersey Wakefield, Charleston Wakefield, Tronchuda (a.k.a. Portuguese Kale), and a red Chinese cabbage called Ip Ssam Hong, all for the demo garden, as well as a cabbage mix for my own garden. Heeding the chorus of voices suggesting that I start seeds as early as February 1, I did so and am glad to have well-developed seedlings to plant out as soon as the weather allows, although I am also glad to have cold frames because there really is no more space inside and it may snow a bit later this week.

Today, however, was lovely, and we started work for 2015 in the Derwood Demo Garden in our green shirt-sleeves. The soil was still a bit soggy and cold to do much with (and the compost is frozen solid) but we mulched paths and tidied up, and I planted some peas in a raised bed, because it’s St. Patrick’s Day and one is supposed to at least give peas a try. We’ll see if they have germinated by next week – it may be a bit cold still.

4 Comments on “Cabbage for St. Patrick’s Day

  1. Cabbage is one of the most frost hearty vegetables that can be planted this time of the year. In fact, HGIC's publication “Planting Dates for Vegetable Crops in MD” states that cabbage can be planted from March 15 through April 10. But like Erica, I'll probably hold off planting mine until this Sunday and then cover it with row cover to add a little bit of frost protection.


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