Links for February reading

Got your vegetable-related reading, here, for when the temperatures drop again.

from Wikipedia

Kudzu bugs are spreading into our region. Unfortunately they like soybeans nearly as much as kudzu. And they will overwinter in your house.

10 Superfoods Healthier Than Kale. #1 makes great salads, though it’s harder to grow than kale.

Margaret Roach is rethinking her vegetable seed-shopping rules after the arrival of a great farmstand nearby.

5 Places to Grow Urban Food. Just make sure you’re getting your soil tested.

Vegetable purees are trendy and fun to make, but there are some rules and techniques associated with their preparation. I found this guide to veggie purees while doing my own research. It doesn’t really answer my questions about balancing taste (though I think my celeriac and carrot puree needs potatoes) but it’s useful advice.

How Marie Antoinette gave prestige to the potato (with a recipe). I will have to try wearing potato flowers in my hair.

Also in a historical vein: a gardening manual owned by Henry VIII goes on display (in Britain, sorry). Gosh, I wish we’d known during the Year of the Cucurbit that “squash will bear fruit after nine days if planted in the ashes of human bone and watered with oil.”

Finally, a very lovely Flickr album of fruits and vegetables with lights inside. Enjoy!

2 Comments on “Links for February reading

  1. The instructions I've seen say to grow it in a pot that is partially submerged in water (which you'd need to change frequently to combat mosquitoes). Worth trying! Also there are other garden cresses that grow fine in ordinary soil, but they are spicier in flavor.


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