Links of interest for January

More vegetable-related links to entertain you on cold winter days. In no particular order.

From Jane Brody and the New York Times: doctors are now prescribing vegetables, not pills.

If you happen to be visiting Italy, maybe you can get a tour of the Pope’s farm, which will now be open to the public.

Advice for seniors on how to remain active and healthy in the garden, from the Sacramento Bee.

New site called Pick a Carrot to help you locate the particular seeds you’re looking for. It covers a lot of catalogs, and the search function seems to work pretty well – give it a try!

Also, if you don’t already receive enough seed catalogs (or just want online access), here is a list of seed catalog order links.

Review by Pam Dawling of an interesting looking book about potatoes. Actually, if you just read this blog post you will know a lot about potatoes.

by Sara Elizabeth Kellner

And finally, for those of you who knit and need something new and vegetarian to create, a pattern for knitted broccoli florets.


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