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Somehow when it’s cold outside there’s a little more time to read blogs and websites – so here’s some winter reading for you. I’ve collected a few random links, and will try to keep posting more through the “down season” (as if).

To go with the above photo: how to make edible menorahs.

Project Learning Garden: National Geographic on an innovative school garden program.

Civil Eats article on an upstate New York farm meant to help youth of color reconnect with the land.

Idea about turning shipping containers into urban farms.

Shawna Coronado on growing vegetables in the shade and making it pretty.

Local blogger Pegplant on an interesting tomato-potato combo plant you can grow.

Farmer Pam Dawling on how to deal with green potatoes.

Ridge gourds grown on a cattle panel trellis, at Southern Exposure Seed Exchange. This is very like the cattle panel trellises we use in the Derwood Demo Garden.

The Early American Gardens blog quotes Benjamin Franklin on making wine from wild grapes.

Craft Brewery Resurrects 300-Year-Old Persimmon Beer Recipe.

Don’t forget to register for the 2015 Washington Gardener Seed Exchange!

And I’m sure we’ve linked here before to the Vegetable Orchestra, but you can never have too much exposure to musical instruments made out of vegetables.

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