Review: Indigo Apple Tomato

I really didn’t need to buy any new tomato seeds this year, but occasionally I just can’t resist trying something that’s hyped up in catalogs, and the blue tomatoes from Wild Boar Farms in California grabbed my attention. (They are not actually blue all over, but the photos were striking.) So I ordered the Indigo Apple and have grown it successfully (one plant at least; it’s been a tough year for tomatoes chez moi).

Reviews were very mixed on the internet, so I was curious. My personal conclusion: I’d grow this one again. It was the earliest producer of my eight plants except for Isis Candy Cherry, which snuck in right ahead, and it’s been extremely prolific. You can see that the plant has early blight, but so do they all at this point, and it’s hanging in there. Flavor is good, not the most extraordinary tomato I’ve ever tasted, but solid and a nice balance of acid and sweet. The two-inch fruits start out green with blue shoulders, and finish up red with the blue still mostly there: it’s an eye-catching look.

Indigo Apples in the center, with a couple of Gypsy to the right, one Orange Icicle to the left, and some Isis Candy at top.

I did hear that in our Tomato Room at the recent GIEI event, the purple and blue tomatoes were getting lots of “ugliest” votes (a Black Prince eventually won; I though it was lovely), so I want to put in a plug for these unusual-looking fruits. Not only do they have higher levels of antioxidants than other tomatoes, but they taste good too!

3 Comments on “Review: Indigo Apple Tomato

  1. I agree that the ugly votes at the GEIE Open House were all wrong. I voted Prettiest, dropping my vote into a big pile of Ugliest votes. I don't remember which one I voted for, but it was different than the “perfect” round red ones.


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