Things to do at this Saturday’s GIEI event in Montgomery County

1. Show off your tomatoes, if you got ’em. Please, we really need your tomatoes. We’ll have a tomato tasting, and you can also bring seeds and recipes to share, as well as learning about several ways to cook tomatoes, how to save seeds from them, and what diseases and pests they might be suffering from. But I’m sure your tomatoes are perfect.

2. Help us figure out why our demo garden tomatoes are less than perfect this year. But everything else is splendid – and it’s the Year of Cucurbits and our cucurbits are doing just fine, thank you! Helps to have practically no pests, thanks to our frigid winter.

3. But if there are any squash bugs (or their eggs or nymphs) lurking on our squashes, you can attend a talk that will help you recognize them and learn what to do about them. Along with dozens of other pests and diseases.

4. If you’re an early bird, you can also hear me talk about how to keep animals out of your garden (event starts at 8:30, talk is at 9). I hear the weather’s going to be great, though, so maybe you should spend the whole time out in the garden. So much going on inside, though! You’ll want to be two places at once all morning.

5. Luckily, the informative talk and demonstration about building low tunnels for fall and winter gardening is outside at 10:15. And next to it, you can learn how to build garden structures with bamboo, including a nice trellis for your fall peas. And we have folks who are eager to tell you how and when to grow all your fall veggies. It may still be summer, but it’s time to think fall!

6. Watch us dig early potatoes! We may also pick a few mouse melons.

7. Visit our straw bales burgeoning with plants, and speculate about why they are winning this year’s informal competition with the container veggies.

8. And if you’re a small-space gardener, learn how much our 100-square-foot garden team is getting out of their tiny plot!

9. Make sure to check out our children’s garden, with the growing Tunnel of Gourds, the popcorn plant (it doesn’t grow popcorn, it smells like it!), the adorable fairy garden in a pot, the plants with animal names, and the Turtle of Succulents!

10. Also check out our composting operation, our fruit and herbs and butterfly garden and ponds; visit the plant clinic and the tool care table and the pollinator information table; pick up a free recycling bin. In other words, learn things and have fun!

More information and directions at this link – scroll  down to July 26. Hope to see you there!

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