Reasons you should attend this Saturday’s GIEI event in Montgomery County

photo by Lauren Greenberger, June 2013

10. You can say hi to me in the demo garden! And it won’t be raining!

9. You can learn how to preserve the food you grow – but only if you register ahead of time! (There are a few seats left, but hurry.)

8. You can bring your tools and learn how to keep them sharp. Watch your fingers!

7. You can watch Master Gardeners planting the same tomato plant, seed potatoes, and sweet potato slips over and over until all of them are exhausted – and you’ve learned to do it too!

6. You can make an awesome Bamboo Buttress with Beer Box – plan to bob up like an early bird before the bamboo backlog, um, ebbs.

5. You can taste some delicious dishes made from cucurbits. Mm, cucurbits.

4. You can see how we Grow100 and how you can Grow100 too.

3. You can buy plants to put in your garden, and learn everything about how to grow them.

2. Two words: Insect. Zoo.

1. And you can find out everything you want to know about container gardening, salad tables, herbs, small fruits, straw bale gardening, row covers, attracting pollinators, mulching, donating food to the hungry, composting, recycling, ponds, and soil. As well as any other gardening topics you have questions about.

We hope to see you there – Saturday, May 3, 8:30-1. Read here about the great classes and demonstrations we have planned!

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