Yukon Golds stored in the ground for the winter

So today was grandparent duty day and I picked up my newly minted 5 year old grandson Tyler from preschool at 1 pm.  It was still such a nice day, I thought he and I could dig up a few Yukon Gold potatoes that had been in the ground all winter. (Tyler loves mashed potatoes.)  I had good intentions of digging them up in December, but just never got around to it.  Tyler and I have a great relationship with potatoes.  I dig and he picks them up and puts them in the basket.  It doesn’t hurt his back to bend over like it does mine.  So we dug about 5 feet of my double row of potatoes.  This is what we got.

Not a great harvest, probably 10 lbs.  I had trouble last year with my summer potatoes, which I planted around July 1.  (Seed potatoes aren’t available this time of year, so I buy extra in March and store them in my refrigerator until mid June.  About that time, I take them out and let them start to sprout prior to planting them in the garden.)  My major pest problem last summer were Harlequin bugs.  They decimated  my potato foliage.  I’ll try using row cover this year to keep them out.
After about 20 minutes of picking up potatoes and searching for worms, Tyler wanted to go inside and do something else.  So we trundled into the basement and transplanted my second set of cauliflower which is scheduled to go into the garden the first of April.  After Tyler tired of transplanting, we sowed three different varieties of Choi, which will also go into the garden in early April.  All in all, Tyler and I had a great time working together today.  Hopeful, he will grow up to love gardening as much as his pop-pop.

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