Hardening Off Vegetable Transplants, Season Extension

Well, I guess I knew that winter wasn’t entirely over, but will it change my plans to put in some early season broccoli, cauliflower and lettuce, not likely.  Monday, I set up one of my cold frames and loaded it with the transplants I plan to plant this weekend.  I knew another round of cold weather was due later today and tomorrow, but didn’t know how low the temps in Howard County were suppose to go.  Well, we are suppose to get into the teens tonight so I had to further insulate my cold frame against those temps.  So what to do.  Well I decided to raid my leaf pile (used during the year to make compost for my garden) and stack the leaves around the perimeter of the cold frame.

Later today, once the expected rain waters the plants and the sun goes down,  I’ll put a couple of blankets over the top of the cold frame, a tarp over the blankets and a 4 foot square wooden pallet over the tarp to keep the wind from blowing everything around.

This weekend, I’ll set up my low tunnel using PVC pipe and cover it with 6 mil plastic to make a mini hoop house.  Blog on the low tunnel to follow this weekend.

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