More snowy day citrus – Meyer lemon

I have had to deal with scale on calamondin oranges in the past. You are right, Erica, it is strangely satisfying!  This is my third season with this Meyer lemon. I put it out on the deck as soon as it warms up in the spring and bring it back into this cozy spot in the kitchen in late fall.

Fortunately, I haven’t had any scale issues to speak of yet. Though I have had problems with spider mites every winter. When it is too cold to take it outside for a strong spray of water, I just wipe the mites off with a wet paper towel. Then when we get a warm day, I take it out and spray it thoroughly with a light weight of horticultural oil. That seems to knock them back enough to reduce damage. During the growing season I guess there are enough beneficial predators in the environment to keep the mites at bay.

I have a Mexican lime in a container too. I have the same spider mite problems with Mr. Lime. I haven’t had any success with fruit production though. It is more cold sensitive than the lemon and all of the foliage died on it when I forgot to bring both of them inside on the night of Easter Monday. I thought it had totally bit the dust but it has come back and actually has some blossoms just getting ready to pop open. The thorns on the lime are deadly but the lemon only has a few minor thorns.

Right now I’m trying to decide just what to do with my lemon harvest.  I’ve already picked 2 but there are another 17 lemons left on the plant.  Mom looks tired and weary from all the effort of producing so many lemons.

I’m thinking limoncello for these babies! That way we can enjoy them over a longer period of time vs. a lemon meringue pie, which would be delicious but gone way too soon.

What would YOU do with this many lemons?

6 Comments on “More snowy day citrus – Meyer lemon

  1. What would I do with this many Meyer lemons? (I'm drooling I have to tell you — you've got a gorgeous load of them!). I'd make chess pie, and Meyer lemon pudding cake and preserve a couple for lamb dishes, and keep doing whatever you're doing to keep 'em comin'.


  2. Oooh, when hubby and I lived in Florida we had a HUGE Meyer Lemon tree. I would juice them and make a Strawberry Lemonade concentrate (made with pureed fresh strawberries, lemon juice, and sugar). This would get processed and canned in jars (it's a Ball Blue Book recipe) to be made into the most WONDERFUL lemonade in the summer. Sigh.

    I would also make salt pickled lemons to be used minced up in Asian or seafood dishes. And of course, Meyer Lemon Marmalade!

    Enjoy those little globes of sunshine.


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