More on purple sweet potatoes

I’m still (slowly) unearthing my purple sweet potatoes – hoping this rain will make the digging easier! Here’s a follow-up on my last post.

Since the first crop has had time to cure, I decided to try the recipe in this Eat Move Balance post. It’s extremely simple and should work with non-purple sweet potatoes as well. Here’s my version:

Cacao Roasted Purple Sweet Potatoes

Peel your sweet potatoes and cut into bite-sized cubes (more or less). Don’t cut up more than will fit in one layer in your baking pan.

Drizzle with a neutral-flavored oil (I used canola) and sprinkle with unsweetened cocoa powder. (Or “cacao powder” as in the recipe, if that’s how yours is labeled. I think they’re pretty much the same thing. Don’t use cocoa with sugar or sugar substitutes.) Stir everything together: you just want all the cubes to be lightly coated with oil and cocoa, not drowning in them.

Bake at 375 F. for 30 minutes, stirring once or twice during the baking time.

It is really yummy.

Based on the success of this effort, I decided to try a second baking pan using a high-quality balsamic vinegar my husband got at a local farmer’s market. This batch was good, but I think the next time I won’t use oil, and I’ll let the raw vinegar-coated potatoes marinate for a while first. Really good balsamic vinegar is naturally sweet and should compliment the earthy purple sweet potato taste well, but it didn’t penetrate the flesh much.

Next time: mashed. Or maybe cake!

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