Tomato tasting

We had our tomato tasting at the Derwood Demo Garden yesterday, with tomatoes both from the garden and from MGs’ home gardens (we had 25 kinds, in the end).  All kudos to my partner in crime vegetables, Robin Ritterhoff, for getting this organized.

Here’s part of our selection before we got around to cutting them.  (I think a few of these are mislabeled, but that will happen.)  I was too busy doing the slicing later (next time we’ll remember to bring at least two cutting boards and knives) to take any good photos, but I did capture this Siamese Twin Violet Jasper:

I love when plants do unpredictable things like grow fruits that attach to each other.

Anyway, it was a lot of fun and we got tomato juice everywhere, and in fact we had a bonus Golden Midget watermelon to eat as well, so all very sticky and delicious.  I’m glad to say that most people agreed with my assessment of Orange Icicle and also enjoyed Mortgage Lifter, which I will give you a shot of cut up just to make your mouths water:

Matt’s Wild Cherry, Sun Gold, San Marzano and Goji Faranjii also got high marks, not that it was a contest or that anyone was taking more than casual notes.  We did all agree that tomatoes are on the watery side this year, and some that normally have much more flavor were muted in taste.  But it’s great fun to get together and compare!

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