Root vegetables

Beware of the root vegetable thief.

I caught Mary in my garden the other day harvesting some of my delicious root vegetables for the daughter and grandchildren.  Mary is making away with carrots, early onions, kohlrabi and two varieties of beets (Detroit dark red and Touchstone gold).
I’m glad I’ve succession planted the carrots and beets so that I’ll have some for later in the summer.  It’s not to late to plant these vegetables for a fall crop.  Touchstone gold (my favorite yellow beet) takes 60 days to reach maturity and if planted today will be ready to harvest in early September.  Beets are also a great fall crop that will withstand light frost and can be planted up through early August.  Touchstone gold planted in the first week of August will take somewhat longer than 60 days to mature because days are getting shorter and there is less sunlight.  Remember to add 14 days for the so called short day factor.  Touchstone gold planted on August 7 will be ready to harvest in 74 days or on October 20.  If a hard frost is expected prior to that date, you can always cover the beets with row cover. 
I also grew lots of onions, shallots and garlic this year.  Shallots and onions did very well as the pictures show. The shallot variety is French red planted last October.  The onion is Copra which were transplants planted mid-April.  I still have Red Zeppelin and sweet white Spanish in the garden.  They are still growing and will be harvested when the tops fall over.  An information sheet on onions can be found on the GIEI website at
Garlic was hit and miss.  Although I saved large cloves from my crop last year, about 50% of my harvest were very small bulbs.  Better luck next year.

One Comment on “Root vegetables

  1. What a great crop of root vegetables. Your posting reminds me it's time to plant my fall chard and beets and maybe some carrots too.


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