Our 2013 Critter Protection Experiments

As you know, it’s an every day fight.  During the kale season – it’s not over yet – we are using – a fiberglass window screen to protect our greens again the cabbage moth.  The result is shown below: nice blue dwarf kale.

For our blueberry plants, a netting protection is mandatory.  We use chicken wire for the bottom and the bird netting above. The improvement this year is the use of  3/4″ PVC pipes as poles. The idea is I can extend the length of the poles easily if needed.

For our main garden, this is a wild card.   It was not intended to be like this.  You think we have a Black-eyed Susan problem ?   You should see our collection of self-seeded bi-color dwarf marigolds. 
And to spice up the game with the squirrels who like to play in our apples trees, I have a surprise for them : Cayenne pepper.  More on this later.

2 Comments on “Our 2013 Critter Protection Experiments

  1. OK. It's later. I want to hear more about your cayenne pepper surprise. Someone recommended making pepper spray to spray on my plants, but I don't know much about it. Please write about this.


  2. that sure does add a splash of color! I bought some sort of pepper spray to keep my dog out of my veggie beds. He loves it. licks up every droplet of it.


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