What ails our root vegetables?

Bugs, as much as I respect   them,   I also fear them .  They are the root of all evil that ails our plants especially if we have all the other conditions met.  For this dilemma, I will turn to my books as my resource ( “Books are the quietest and most constant of friends; they are the most accessible and wisest of counselors, and the most patient of teachers.” ~Charles William Eliot)

There they are the notorious foursome that seems to pop up everywhere in the references…

1.       Root Weevils

2.       Root Maggots

3.       Wireworms

4.       Voles

There are chemicals and natural remedies to get rid of them. But the best method is prevention.

From Purdue University Cooperative Extension Service,

Prevention includes rotating crops, encourage beneficial insects, scour for pests and symptoms of pest damages, improve the soil…

Other methods for prevention : Barriers and devices such as fences, traps, lights, row covers, and noisemakers are examples of mechanical exclusion methods used to keep pests away from garden plants and out of homes. For example, nuisance wildlife such as rabbits can be excluded from gardens and landscape plantings with fencing. Some insects can be kept away from vegetables by covering them with a row cover made from a special kind of fabric. Birds can be banished from fruit crops by covering trees, bushes, or vines with plastic netting.

Sounds good, I just need to put it into practice since I have no problems with these pests. But as the growing season continues hopefully, I will not have to encounter these fearsome fours… since I have placed preventive measures. :0


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