Aversion to Yams

or should I say Sweet Potatoes. Both of these root vegetables taste similar but they are not the same. My mom occasionally makes sweet potato rice porridge. This is a dish that is very popular in China. And even more so during WWII when food source was scarce. But yams (Diosorea opposita syn, D.batatas) seems to grow very well in the rural area my parents and the future me lived. My parents along with the rest of the villagers ate yams for breakfast, lunch and dinner… the reason for the aversion. Needless to say, I also developed a dislike for yams (sweet potaotes sic). Now Sweet Potatoes and Yams are two different types of root vegetables. Yams are natives to China. Meanwhile, sweet potatoes are grown  here.
My little garden helper

Moving forward… I  found I actually like sweet potatoes and yams after trying it several times. I almost find myself feeling a little skeptical about liking it because I remember distinctly how bad it was.  I am not going to try growing it this season. But definitely will try in the near future.

How to grow:

Grow something new and enjoy.

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