Root vegetable birthday

Hope everyone is enjoying the Snowquester storm!  We’ll be back to warmer weather this weekend, though it may be a bit squelchy to get the beds ready for planting.

On a personal note, I just wanted to mention that we celebrated my younger son’s 19th birthday yesterday in true root vegetable style.  First, there was yummy lunch at a vegetarian Chinese restaurant including fried taro balls as an appetizer and this dish:

with Chinese yam* and lotus root along with mushrooms and other veggies (including carrots).  And then we went home and had sweet potato chocolate cake (which he baked himself).  So that’s five kinds of roots in one meal.  It felt like a good antidote to empty nest syndrome.

*These are true yams, in the Dioscorea genus (Dioscorea opposita in this case, I think), as opposed to sweet potatoes (Ipomoea batatas), which are often called yams but aren’t.  Sweet potatoes originated in South America; yams mostly in Africa and Asia (though there are South American yams as well).  The similarity of the vegetables caused the etymological confusion.

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