Grow It Eat It in Prince George’s County, Md

The Grow It Eat It education season officially began in Prince George’s County yesterday.

A few weeks ago Nicolas and I were invited back to St. Pius X Catholic Church in Bowie, Md, to deliver our Introductory Vegetable Gardening class.  We did this last April, but turnout wasn’t so great, likely because it was too late in the season.  Yesterday we had about 12 people show up, which was pretty good for a cold, Saturday morning, and a great start to the Grow It Eat It season of vegetable education.

It’s been a busy season, and I hadn’t really looked at my powerpoint slides since last spring.  I did a quick run-through of them on Friday night as a refresher, but I needn’t have worried as once I got up there in front of a dozen eager gardeners, my passion for growing vegetables brought it all back.

The attendees remained actively engaged for the next 90+ minutes as Nicolas and I were reminded of how much fun we have teaching together.  In fact, yesterday was our 8th Wedding Anniversary, and we could think of no more fun way to spend it than to teach a Grow It Eat It class.  (We headed to Annapolis following the class to enjoy afternoon tea at the Reynold’s Tavern and Tea Room.)

For those who would like to participate in upcoming GIEI seminars, please visit:  and click on ‘Classes and Events’ on the left-hand side to see if there are any classes in your area.  If not, and you have any suggestions for seminar locations or groups who would like a class, feel free to send an email to the GIEI contact for your county.

As one final plug for those of you in the Prince George’s County area…Nicolas and I are teaching our 6-part ‘Home Vegetable Gardening 101’ course at Prince George’s Community College starting on Saturday, February 23 and continuing on the following 2 weekends.  It’s an extended, more detailed course that will take you from planning and preparation to harvesting, with some maintenance and troubleshooting in between.  We taught it last year and everyone had great fun with it.  If interested, go to, click on “Owl Link” in the menu, and then on “Workforce Development & Continuing Education Students” box. Then, click on “Register for Noncredit Course” and follow the directions.

We hope to see you there, but if not, Happy Grow It Eat It 2013!

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