What’s with October 29?

Iced veggies, Sept. 29, 2011

Does October 29 have a grudge against gardeners?

October 29, 2011, brought sleet and snow to coat our cool-weather veggies, such as lettuce, beets, carrots, and rutabagas.  Perhaps that was to prove those veggies can truly survive moderately cold weather.

Today—October 29, 2012—is warmer by 20 degrees but wetter by several inches.  Hurricane Sandy is crawling slowly toward the New Jersey coast and dumping inches of rain in our neighborhood.  Our birdbaths overflow and small puddles dot our gardens.  We’ve had nearly three inches of rainfall already, and forecasts say we may get somewhere between five and 10 inches, perhaps approaching a quarter of our average yearly rainfall in 72 hours and bringing our 2012 precipitation back up to average.  Perhaps the deluge is to prove that fall veggies can swim.

Almost-floating veggie, Sept. 29, 2012

The wind has yet to become seriously strong.  Our Japanese maple is swaying vigorously, rain sometimes now appears to come in sheets, and our ‘Forest Pansy’ redbud has lost most of its leaves overnight to increasingly strong gusts.

Here’s hoping we don’t get 10 inches of rain and that the wind gusts don’t blow our waterlogged fall veggies into the next county—and that I get this story posted before we lose electricity.

I’m looking forward to the next October 29.  Sleet, snow, and a hurricane for two October 29’s are enough. 

October 29, 2013, will be sunny and mild, a great day to fall garden.

I promise.*

*Long-term forecasts are subject to change.

Meanwhile, Grandpa Gnome enjoys
a fall shower courtesy of Hurricane Sandy

One Comment on “What’s with October 29?

  1. I am SO glad that Tasmania is off the radar for “Extreme Weather Events” like cyclones, hurricanes and tornado's! Those veggies just keep on keeping on don't they! I am sure that next year will be tropical for you ;). Love grandpa gnome by the way, he appears to have a touch of the Irish (in fact leprachaun) about him so maybe he will protect you from the storm?


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