Squirreling Away for Winter — Canning the Harvest

As I was reading Sabine Harvey’s Facebook note ‘bragging’ just a bit about what she’d canned over the past couple of days, I was kinda singing ‘and a partri-idge in a pear treeeeee’ to myself.

Fried and shelled beans for soups and stews

6 pints red currant preserves 
13 pints apricot preserves 
3 1/2 pints BBQ sauce 
20 pints and 17 quarts tomatoes 
21 pints salsa
8 1/2 pints ketchup
23 pints and 22 quarts tomato sauce 
14 half pints tomato paste 
and(drum roll, please)
6 pints of chili sauce 

Neat stacks of preserved summer fruits and vegetables in the cellar
Kent County Middle School Garden
Plus the shelled-out dried beans. Sabine was not bragging, at least not in my view. She was sharing her exuberance over the joys of growing, preserving and eventually enjoying on the table food you’ve produced with love and attention to the health of your loved ones. Sabine Harvey is the  Kent County Master Gardener Coordinator, an avid gardener herself since she’s also a wife and mom, and the engine behind Kent County’ Worton Elementary School and K.C. Middle School’s fabulous community gardens.   You go Girl!

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  1. Wow!!! What a nice way to write about my absolute insanity. Thank you so very, very much!!

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