Lima Beans for Breakfast

Sauteed lima beans for breakfast

I didn’t grow limas. I’ve never had luck with them, but my friend and neighbor, Amy Chance McGee, who is also one half of  Sisters by Chance caterers, does. She brought me a bagful one afternoon that she had even shelled — “It’s something I like to do,” she told me graciously — while I was working in the office. I sat the bag on my desk and as I worked, picked out the smallest, sweetest beans to eat raw (which reminded me of Emily Dickenson’s poem about the bird eating the angleworm raw, but fresh young limas are much more yummy, I’m convinced). The next morning, I sauteed the rest of them in olive oil with a crushed clove of fresh hardneck Music garlic (which I did grow) with salt and pepper and ate them for breakfast and lunch. Who says breakfast is for what we in this country have somehow decided is ‘breakfast food’?

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  1. Beautiful sight, Nancy. I grew up in South Jersey, where growing pole limas used to be Number 2 sport, just after growing tomatoes. Those were the days of cedar poles and twine webbing for training the vines, and keeping the “best” seeds from year to year. It's pretty much of a “lost art” these days. How did we all become “too busy”? Prized food then was “Lima Bean Potpie,” the slow-boiled kind in a pot, not in a pie dish. Breakfast? Ok with me. And lunch and dinner too.

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