I Declare War on Deer. The Sequel.

I wrote a blog post about my solar powered electric deer fence in July 2009. I DECLARE WAR on Deer and Rabbits! Now, 3 years later, I have captured the effectiveness of my substantial efforts on video.

I arrived home after work last night and found 2 deer munching on grass in the back yard and inching closer and closer to my garden.  I grabbed my camera and stealthily sneaked out onto the deck crouching low so the flowering container plants provided cover.  I got as far as the table but needed to get closer.  So I crawled on my stomach – commando fashion – over to the railing. I perched my camera on the bottom rail  – finger at the ready – and started shooting. Voila!

5 Comments on “I Declare War on Deer. The Sequel.

  1. Ria,
    It looks like you learned the secret about electric fences. Bait them with peanut butter on tin foil and keep the soil damp around the perimiter of the fence. The deer love peanut butter and when they lick the foil, they are grounded and get a substantial shock though their tungue. As your video shows, it will make them jump


  2. What a shocking scene! Lovely! Here's hoping you eat every one of your vegetables and the bambits don't get any. Two thumbs up!


  3. My experience is electric fencing will work for a few years, but eventually the deer learn that it won't shock any body part covered by hair and will start jumping the fence. So eventually you will need a 12 foot fence and/or good dogs.


  4. Kent:
    You are correct! I used peanut butter initially, but not since the first year.

    Bob: Several unsuspecting humans have been shocked too. Guess they figured the “Warning Electric Fence” signs didn't apply to them!

    Anonymous: So far so good. 3 years and counting. I do have vertical elements spaced randomly in the garden. I understand that depth perception of deer is not good so they don't know where it is safe to land if they see physical obstructions. If you're correct, I'll have to adjust and write another blog post!


  5. That's so cool!!! Unfortunaely, I've lost my war with the deer. This year, I've sprayed my daylilies every 3 days with coyote pee (can't remember the brand, but always remember it's coyote pee). The night I forget, mowed to the ground. I've surrendered.


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