Carroll County MG Core Public Demo Garden Update

Humor of the Day
Two lovers discussing their future:

Heart Beet -Do you carrot at all for me?
-My heart beets for you,
-With your turnip nose
-And your radish face.
-You are a peach.
-If we cantaloupe,
-Lettuce marry.
-Weed make a swell pear.

Garden greats abound at the Carroll County CORE  Demonstration Garden
Nothing in the world is better than
Bacon & Lettuce & Home Grown  Maters

Not all Natives are good.  This Native Stink Bug  will learn that soon!
He got a bath of soapy water …. but will he like? (Read more at Green Stink Bugs
An immigrant Mexican Bean Beetle.  These little creatures did not stay long.
You can learn more about these little creatures at Mexican Bean Beetles

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