Raspberry heaven… hopefully not a maggot haven

I’ve been harvesting raspberries for the past 10 days from my five June-bearing plants. Like most other garden plants my small fruits are ahead of schedule this year. No gray mold and just a whiff of brown marmorated stink bug- but no sightings.

But all is not well in fruit land. Here’s the new little insect pest of concern.The spotted wing drisophila (SWD) is a non-native vinegar fly that was first seen out West in 2008 and has since traveled to other states, including Maryland in 2011. It’s favored hosts are blackberry, raspberry, grape, cherry, strawberry, and blueberry. Learn more about it on the HGIC website.

  The key to dealing with this pest is monitoring for the adults BEFORE mated females lay eggs on fruits. This is easy to do with a simple homemade trap devised by Oregon State University. It’s too late to do anything once you see damaged fruit and the tiny maggots inside. I failed to put out a trap for the June crop but I intend to put one out before my fall-bearing raspberry plants start to bloom. Contact the Home and Garden Information Center if discover this pest in your garden.

3 Comments on “Raspberry heaven… hopefully not a maggot haven

  1. We say don't trap fly with vinegar but in this case, it's works !

    Have not seen these guys around yet. Anyway me black raspberry season is now over for this year.

  2. ugh. I wish I could remain blissfully ignorant of things like this. My raspberries are just starting to fruit. Maybe I'll try to set up one of these traps. Thanks for the tip!

  3. Very helpful information – thanks! Like Wendy, I'm hoping I haven't been eating these buggers, but now that I know they are there, I've stopped harvesting completely, which makes me so sad! Hoping the trap and removal of berries cleans things up for next year.

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