Carroll County "Fruits of the Loam" are At It Again

The Carroll County Grow It Eat It Team has been busy preparing for the 2012 opening of their public demonstration garden in Westminster, MD.  This spring has seen much activity including the addition of several unique and traditional small fruits.  The “Fruit Cakes Team” have been busy adding to their “fruits of the loam”.

Helper Debbie McEvoy and MG Frank DiSanti
christen the public demonstration garden Vineyard.
Planted this week were three grape varieties:
Concord, Sugargate Black Muscadine & Roucaneuf French Hybrid.
MG Henry Lysy stands by two recently planted and
nearly forgotten fruits – Pawpaw Trees
MG Butch Willard poses with a newly added food forest.  This new plot
will contain one Arkansas Black Apple, two Bush Cherries (Jan & Joel)
and two Elderberries (John and a Native).

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