Community comes alive in Takoma Park Community Garden

Gardening life is in full swing for community gardeners at Sligo Mill Overlook in Takoma Park. In year four there is enough cohesion that every gardener has put down wood chips to clear pathways and keep them weed free. The garden looks amazing. As for the surplus of weeds fdue to the early warm weather, or the recent dryness, they were forgotten as smiling faces gathered for our monthly meeting.
One of the bigger challenges in a community garden is figuring out how everyone can take responsibility for maintaining the common areas, but not today. Gardeners worked in good spirit cleaning up and mulching this shared area.

Others were busy planting seeds…

…and planning.
It feels very much like a community, at work…
Even as a new season starts, some of us went home with the product of labors past…

This year, I suspect that all the cleanup that the gardeners have done will offer us substantial protection from pests.

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