Carroll County Grow It Eat It Classes Conclude for 2012

Butch Willard taught a course on Raised Bed Gardening & Salad Table Gardening.
Butch closed the session with John Denver’s “Home Grown Tomatoes” (click link below)
Home Grown Tomatoes 
Field Peas & Yellow Blossom Clover Cover Crop Examples

Buckwheat & Hairy Vetch Cover Crop Examples
Diakon Radish & Oats Cover Crop Examples
Crimson Clover & Spelt Cover Crop Examples

Carroll County Master Gardener and GEIE Leader Diane Brown
fields questions from class participants 

Master Gardeners Henry Lysy and Cheri Grubby
team up for the cooking demonstrations
Henry’s Turnip Greens


Master Gardener Joan Elder led the Seed Planting Course
Henry’s awesome Strawberry & Rhubarb Dessert
Master Gardener Diane Brown closed the classes with an
excellent class on Garden Maintenance.

One Comment on “Carroll County Grow It Eat It Classes Conclude for 2012

  1. Looks like you had an awesome class. I could almost taste the greens and dessert!
    Sharing actual cover crop samples helps people get to know these important plants. Apparently forage radish cover crops survived the mild winter throughout most of MD. Farmers and gardeners will need to cut the plants prior to planting.

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