Awesome (really!) Video about Pollinators

If you’ve ever wanted to see pollinators at work, up close, photographer Louie Schwartzberg produced a video that gave me a new appreciation of hummingbirds, bees, bats and butterflies. The Hidden Beauty of Pollination, a TED talk, is 7 minutes long and absolutely worth it! (Don’t forget to click on the Toggle Full Screen command at the top right of the video.)

If you’ve never seen a bat in action, here’s a screenshot:

Considering that honeybees are disappearing due to colony collapse disorder (CCD), and that bats are disappearing due to white-nose syndrome, please spread the word about this video.

Personally I don’t want to hand-pollinate all my crops, as some of us are known to do with zucchini! Thankfully we have an estimated 350-400 native bees in our area, but even so….

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  1. P.S. – Thanks to Master Gardener and photographer Harriet Wise, and painter and illustrator Richard Schlecht, for independently sending me a YouTube rendition of this video yesterday.

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