Night of the radishes

Wikimedia Commons

Tonight in Oaxaca, Mexico is the celebration of Noche de Rábanos, the Night of the Radishes, in which the public square hosts an exhibition of figures carved from enormous radishes.  The radishes (I don’t know the variety; does anyone?) are kept in the ground growing larger until just before the festival, when artists dig them up and create religious tableaux and village scenes, historical events and mythical tales.  (Tip of the hat to the Writer’s Almanac for informing me of this charming custom.)

Season’s greetings, everyone, and may your radishes be artistically-shaped!

2 Comments on “Night of the radishes

  1. Wow, that is some amazing carving!

    The closest radish I think of that's available commercially is probably Lungo Rosso but it might be slightly less red and a bit thinner skinned than what is here. Or if you overgrow it as is done here, it could potentially have a thicker skin.

    The long red Chinese radishes I have seen and the China Rose radish are too much toward a pink color compared to these pictures.

    Wonder if you can arrange to import some of the seed from there? Then a bunch of us could try them, and then we could have a virtual carving exhibition.

    For vegetable carving techniques including some easy roses from small round radishes, see Chinese or Japanese vegetable and fruit carving books. Many can be done with a paring knife.



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