How gardeners watch TV

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Last night I checked out the first two episodes of the new ABC show “Once Upon a Time,” about fairy tale characters with amnesia living in a small Maine town.  It’s quite fun, but I couldn’t help noting, when Evil Queen/Mayor Regina brings a basket of apples to Emma’s door, and claims they are from her Honeycrisp tree, that they look a lot more like Red Delicious.

And the tree is suspiciously pristine-looking; and I wouldn’t wear that outfit in Maine in September or October when either of those apple varieties would be ripe.

Please tell me I’m not the only gardener who watches plants on the small or big screen.

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  1. Actually, I just watched this the other night, myself, and noticed the pristine (fake) apple tree the EQ was picking apples from. I admit I wasn't watching close enough to hear her call them Honeycrisps, but they're definitely not honeycrisps!

    With this show, we definitely have to suspend disbelief, right down to the apples!

  2. Maybe the show could use a garden and nature consultant…

    It's been a bit jarring on shows when nature or harvesting is mismatched with when the event is taking place. Ot things are implausably harvested in the same day.

    Think it's a Magic Apple Tree too. Not only can it make a Honeycrisp look like a Red Delicious, the tree waxes its own apples as well just after ripening. 🙂

    Also sometimes would like to redirect the main character–“Pardon me Miss, but while you are running away from that guy shooting at you, could you double back and run more slowly by that garden/meadow/patch of wildflowers/forest so we could get a better look at it?”


  3. Hi Liz – that's something that's great about watching a DVD or online streaming; you can at least pause to try and figure out what the plants in the background are! But usually they are too blurred. Get your priorities straight, people!

  4. Perhaps the silk leaves on the apple tree explain a lot about the quality of Red Delicious apples. At least the script writer tried to move a couple of notches up by adding Honeycrisp. Too bad the writer didn't go to the top of the apple ladder and specify Pink Lady. The name alone sounds appropriate for a fairytale plot!

  5. Pink Lady would indeed have been perfect. Although, hm, not for this character – any apples named after witches?

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