Everything but the pie !

Welcome to the 2011 pumpkin weekend where, during Halloween weekend, the goal is to make dishes with the pumpkins we grow.

Sadly this year, we had no carving pumpkin for Halloween. 🙁 . The only one we had didn’t have a long shelf life. The other can be seen in the picture below. The vine measures 50 feet long from the green arrow to the end.As you can see, it’s not ready yet. Thanks to the pickling worm who destroyed (almost) all the female flowers on this vine.

Fortunately, we did have these four pie pumpkins. For the record, there are no pickling worm holes on these pumpkins. 🙂 Let the fun begin!

Sure pumpkin pie is always a good idea but during the weekend we ate…..

Pumpkin Ravioli. Easy to do: just mix grated cheese and pumpkin puree, add some herbs and nutmeg and squeeze a teaspoon of the mixture between two sheets of won ton pasta wrappers.

Pumpkin Stew and Pumpkin Rolls. The stew was made with carrots from our garden and served with fresh homegrown wax beans. For the rolls, they were like my wife likes them : doughy and fragrant.

To close Pumpkin Weekend why not put some pumpkin ice cream on top of chocolate ice cream? It’s not home made but locally made.

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