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As we madly finish up our fall gardening tasks and anticipate winter, you may wonder what you’ll be reading on those cold days and dark evenings when the garden just doesn’t call.

We’ll have plenty for you here on Grow It Eat It, but if you’d like to expand your blog horizons, those of us GIEI bloggers who write elsewhere would be pleased if you’d visit.  I’ve recently started a blog called Rogue Eggplant to explore other aspects of my gardening life.  Bob Nixon writes at Blog of an Ancient Gardener – you may find his series about dealing with deer especially useful!  Dale Johnson is one of the contributors to Backyard Farming, a blog about the urban homestead.  And our own DivaGardener welcomes you to her piece of Fat Earth.

Also check out all the blogs under “Favorites” in our left sidebar.  They are all great!  And be sure to take time to thoroughly explore our University of Maryland Extension sites, Grow It Eat It (the website) and Home and Garden Information Center.  Check out our Facebook page and Twitter feed, too!  And watch all our videos – they are both educational and funny.

If you’ve got blogs you’d like to recommend, mention them in comments.  I’m sure we’d all like some book recommendations, too – I’m ready to hunker down and read while the snow swirls outside…

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