The last summer harvest

Well, the last harvest of summer plants, anyway (I have some turnips left, and whatever kale the hungry animals getting into my garden leave me).

My pomegranates didn’t look entirely ripe, but I harvested them anyway, for fear of frosty nights or hungry squirrels/whatever (I have already found one partially eaten lying on the ground).  I’m very proud that my dwarf pomegranate actually grew, um, dwarf pomegranates (the largest one was about the size of a lacrosse ball).  Now let’s see if I can nurse it through the winter outdoors.

Ripe or not, the big one proved to have edible seeds:

And they were tasty, too!  I just ate them as a snack.

The rest of today’s harvest can be seen below.  I think we’re going to roast some of the green tomatoes and freeze them; I canned them dilled last year and I’m kind of tired of that.  Some of them may ripen indoors.  There is some sorrel in there, and a bunch of small green mystery peppers from the plants I rescued from the compost bin (they were growing in there; possibly seedlings I thought weren’t going to make it and tossed?).

What are you still harvesting from your gardens?

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