You know it’s too wet when…

… you have mushrooms in the salad table.  I’m sorry, but – mushrooms.  In my salad table.  At least they’re small.

No, I am not going to put them in my salad.

Aside from that, the fall salad table is doing nicely with a successful crop of lettuce and arugula.

I could wish (as could many of you, I’m sure) that the year’s rainfall had evened itself out a little, but at least what’s still alive is growing, and we’ve been made aware of any drainage issues we might need to deal with.  Every cloud has a lining that’s all shiny with knowledge and learning, hm?

*mutters* Mushrooms… hmph.

2 Comments on “You know it’s too wet when…

  1. Well, a squirrel found my second crop in the salad table and ate all the lettuce and radishes. I've had enough for this year, harvesting endless cherry tomatoes and then done.

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