To eat a stink bug

I just wanted to call your attention to two encouraging posts/videos on Mike Raupp’s Bug of the Week blog:

Chinese praying mantis eats brown marmorated stink bug

Black and yellow garden spider captures stink bug


I for one am seeing many fewer bmsbs in the garden these days and more in my house: the nights are getting colder.  But please encourage the praying mantises and spiders, for next year!

Here’s another video: Keeping Stinkbugs Out of Your House.  Good timing!

2 Comments on “To eat a stink bug

  1. I am excited to have confirmation that the Chinese praying mantis eats the stink bug and that the beautiful spider in our garden also eats them. I haven't seen any in the web, but I wasn't looking either. Last year, we did “fed” a mantis a few stink bugs, and I have found numerous mantis in our garden and flowers as well this yr.

    Have you seen anything about wheel or assassin bugs eating stink bugs? I have never seen them before this year and we had three on our house one day. Then on another day we had two very close to each other on the luffa.

    Thanks for sharing! It is great news.


  2. I have a note in a previous post that Mike Raupp also saw wheel bugs eating stink bugs, no particular source linked but I'm sure it's true! The effect of each of these predators is probably small in comparison to the total number of stink bugs, but every little bit helps, so let's try to encourage all of them.


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