Ooh, she really DID!

Today was demo garden workday at Derwood, and I was anxiously waiting to see what happened as a result of the hurricane.  Well, on the whole we didn’t fare too badly – some tree limbs down in the shade garden and a few other plants knocked down or broken.  But then there were the cucuzzis.  Here’s the cattle panel arch (plus next door bamboo trellis) covered with huge gourd vines, a couple of weeks ago:

And here’s the same arch when we arrived today:

Right over on its side, pulling the bamboo trellis partway over as well!  But, with MG muscle, some big metal stakes, and lots of twine, we got things righted again.  A few of the gourds had broken, but we still have plenty of giant ones: I measured one at 46″ last week.

We also spent a lot of time tying up Jerusalem artichokes that had crashed down on top of other plants.  But really we were very lucky.

More demo garden adventures to come, including why we looked like someone was having a birthday today…

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