Oh No she DIDN’T!!!!!

So…I blog pretty regularly here. If you’ve ever read one of my posts you may have noticed that I end each blog with either “happy gardening” or “happy garden thoughts” (when the garden season is over or not yet begun).

*Ahem* Well apparently I guess I am just a little too happy and Ms. Thing–otherwise known as Irene–tried to do my happy hind parts in.

Yes, we weathered the storm last night. Just a lot of rain and wind. I didn’t know it but my hubby said the power went out for about 30 seconds at around 11:45pm. I didn’t even know…I was fast asleep. Well, I woke up this mornin‘ just happy (see….there’s that word again) that things didn’t get crazy.

Then my phone rings. It’s 6:00AM. I’m thinking it’s my parents calling to see if we are OK. Nope. It’s my neighbor Steve. Here’s how the conversation went down:

Me: “Hey Steve!” (I saw his name on the caller ID)

Steve: “Hey, honey, I’m sorry about the damage to your cage.”

Me (inside voice): Oh damn, what the (&$#(&#(& happened now?!

Me(outside voice): “What do you mean?”

Steve: “My tree fell on your garden cage.”

Me: (silence as I run to the back window) “Oh. I see it. OK. It just looks like the branches are leaning on the chicken wire. None of the beams are broken.”

Steve: “Honey, we are getting that tree removed as soon as possible and will pay for any damage.”

Me: “Aww thanks, Steve.”

Then I went outside to get a closer look to be sure there was no damage and here is what I saw:

As I took this picture I said in my Diva attitude voice: “Irene, no you didn’t just try to take out my cage!”

I don’t need to remind y’all of what happened to my cage during Snowmageddon:

Well, I immediately get “happy” again to spite her! The roots from that tree always kept me from planting deep on the left side of the cage and it also blocks out the morning sun.

So I guess I should be thanking Irene. Yeah, whateverrrrrr! She still tried to do my cage in!

Well, I’m going to read more about hydroponics, y’all!

Until next time…..

Don’t worry….be HAPPY!!

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