Watermelon Widow

This blog is going to be short and sweet. Went to check on my watermelons yesterday. Grabbed one to turn it over and check the underside for that nice yellow color and yes…there she was…a black widow spider.

I’m thankful for three things:

1) That I have watched enough documentaries with my husband to know what one looks like
2) That I had gloves on
3) That she didn’t bite me because my gloves were not thick ones

That ended my day in the garden about five minutes after I got there. I don’t even remember if the watermelon was ripe yet. In fact, my husband may have to go harvest that watermelon…and all others for that matter!

Until next time….if there is one…..

7 Comments on “Watermelon Widow

  1. Wow, that is a breath-taking experience! I turned over a ground level bird bath last week and found the same thing. I have gone back to dump and re-fill twice since then and she is still there. Luckily the pan has handles.

  2. Mavis….I'm not going back for at least two days…it really struck fear in my heart. I don't know how you keep going back to that bird bath!

  3. my garden in annapolis has had black widow spiders in every nook cranny and empty pot since last spring. recently one was in my mud boot . where did they all come from?

  4. shaking the boot didn't work; had to reach all the way to the toe with leather glove on ( the spider web I felt with my foot made me suspicious so I didn't put my foot all the way in)

  5. Thank God for our gardens. Without them we'd be bored couch potatoes staring at our TV screens and wondering why life was so dull. Second thought, maybe we'd be watching a TV documentary on black-widow spiders!

  6. I too had an experience with a black-widow spider while turning my watermelons yesterday.My first up close incounter of my lifetime.It most certainly was an eye opening expeience(pardon the pun).Nevertheless i shall forever keep a keen eye when examining my plants from this day forward.That & a good pair of gloves.

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