A Different Way To Plant Late Season Potatoes

Several weeks ago, I blogged about harvesting my early season potatoes. This planting was done in mid-March using a conventional planting method. I tilled the bed using my Troy Bilt tiller with the furrow attachment connected behind the tines. It makes about an eight inch deep furrow, into which I planted my seed potatoes.

For my late season crop of potatoes, I’m using a different method which disturbs the soil less. My reason for using this method is to retain more of my organic matter in the soil. If I tilled the soil a second time, I would introduce a lot of additional oxygen which soil organisms would use along with water and nitrogen to digest any remaining carbon in the soil, emitting CO2.

So what is my different method, well its simple. I simply pulled my old, rusty post hole digger out of the shed and dug an 8 to 10 inch hole into which I placed my seed potatoes. How will this method work, stay tuned and I’ll let you know in early October.

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  1. i also love this. i might give it a shot with a soil corer! thanks for sharing, can't wait to hear how it goes.

  2. I remember my Dad (whose Dad was a farmer – I grew up in Ireland) using a method he called “lazy drills”, whereby a layer of cow manure is laid in a row on the ground and the seed potatoes set on top. Then he walks down each side of the row lifting a shovelful of soil and dumping it on top of the spuds. That's it. He had pretty good results with this.

  3. Hi Kent, I was reading your post and was wondering how they did. Do you think it's too late to try a fall harvest, specially with the crazy hot weather we are having? Thank you for any help and for the wonderful posts on the blog!

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