Why did I plant so much?

I’d like to tell y’all about my day…

The day started around 8:30AM, when I got out of bed and took last year’s zucchini bread out of the freezer to enjoy with tea and the Sunday paper. (Good thing I made 4 more zucchini breads yesterday to stock up my freezer for next year!) After a relaxing morning with Nicolas, the plan of the day was preserving. Nicolas took the pickles (9 pints), while I made the triple berry jam (9 half-pints). We also had a plethora of string beans (yellow and green), and so we thought we’d freeze some of them (after blanching), and then put the rest in a three bean salad. Our tomato (saladette this year, supposedly disease-resistant – hah!) collection was growing, so we preserved a couple of jars of those. Oh, and the beets have been wanting to be harvested, so we roasted several of them for dinner. The greens are edible, so we sauteed them with some olive oil and some garlic (after removing the stems and tough veins). Not having enough zucchini yesterday with the bread, I made a double batch of zucchin-apple soup for freezing. And I still have 2 zucchini left over!

Did I mention even after making 9 pints of pickles I had 10 pounds left over that went right to the local soup kitchen?

I’m exhausted!!! Every year about this time I ask myself, ‘why did I plant so much?’ It never seems all that much when I put the little seedlings in the ground. Indeed, here is my main 10’x25′ plot, taken just this afternoon:
Doesn’t look like much, does it? Well, in this spot are: ~15′ of cucumbers, 4 bell peppers, 4 tomatoes (including one rogue I didn’t actually plant), 16′ of string beans, 5 pumpkin plants, 3 cantaloupes, 3 butternut squash, and 4 other, random winter squash as yet to be determined.

So here’s the front of my house, with 4 hills of zucchini looking lovely in my ‘flower beds’ (note the petunias being relegated to the window boxes on the porch):

The next 3 pics are: the watermelon in my other flower bed, the extra tomatoes and pepper plants in the backyard (couldn’t bear to let them go to waste), and the back of the original 10’x25′ plot.

And so finally, why do I plant so much? Because of this:

This was our dinner tonight. It’s probably easier to tell you what on this plate we DIDN’T produce ourselves, but in short, the potato, string beans, orange pepper, red onion, parsley, zucchini (in the soup), beet greens all came from our garden.


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