Barbara Damrosch on celery root

I’ve never grown celery root, also called celeriac, turnip-rooted celery, knob celery, and “the frog prince of vegetables,” according to Barbara Damrosch in her “A Cook’s Garden” column in the Washington Post.

Barbara tells you where to buy seeds, how to grow it, and how to cook it. If you’re planning to expand your “to-grow” veggie list for next year, check out “Celery root’s deep-down goodness,” which is headlined online as “Celery root may be daunting but it can be rewarding to have in your garden.” CLICK HERE.

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  1. I grow celaric every year and love it. Mine has been in the ground since April 15th and is almost ready to be harvested. The variety I grow is “Brilliant” from Johnny's,

  2. I agree – it's a great thing to grow. what's more, you can cut the tops during the season as soup flavorings etc. Tasty!

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