Adrian Higgins on blueberries

Adrian Higgins, the Washington Post’s gardening writer, this week rhapsodizes about blueberries and how to grow them.

Among other things, Adrian likes the looks of blueberry plants, talks about netting (he’s against) to keep out birds, and touches on soil conditioning and available varieties. He’s just planted 10 Tifblue, Premier, and Blueray.

If you’ve been thinking about growing blueberries, you should read Adrian’s article, “Blueberries, the apple of my eye,” which online has the headline “Blueberries provide benefits to gardens beyond fruit (so don’t hate the birds).” CLICK HERE.

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  1. If your planting blueberries, setting up a drip tube irrigation system is almost a must in order to keep the plants well watered. The dril tube system I use has half gallon emitters on 12 inch spacing.

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